Mum’s Example

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or bookmark the page in your browser. Also, please consider submitting your story for inclusion on the site. Thanks for stopping by.My mum always made her sex-positivity clear.  There were not many actual discussions just small gestures and disclosures.
I remember when [...]


Now that I am an adult, my relationship with my mother has shifted from one of parent and child to more like mentorship. My mother has done all the parenting she can and now my life is up to me. The honest openness that always existed between myself and my mother has now grown even [...]


It was the first semester of college and I was back home on Winter Break.  My Mom and I were headed to the mall in the car for some shopping.  The traffic was horrible; we were making our way through a series of stoplights in a very slow fashion.
It was this moment, while trapped in [...]

Like a Bomb with a Very Slow Fuse

When I look back on my life and try to figure out the exact moment when I realized what sex was, I find it a bit of a letdown that I can’t come up with one. There were always moments that I can say contributed to my not-insubstantial wealth of knowledge on the subject, but [...]

The Book on the Bed

When I was young, sex was never talked about. I don’t remember ever asking any questions of my parents, I wasn’t a big talker and I’m still not.
About the age of 12 I came home one day to find a book on my bed called “Growing Up.” No one said a word, or asked about [...]


My mother was born in 1908. Me in 1953. For a woman who had four husbands and numerous boyfriends, you’d think my mother would have been all over the sex talk thing. You’d have thought wrong. She never once mentioned sex, penises, vaginas or how babies are made.
She actually bestowed this gem on me on [...]

Role Reversal

I don’t really remember the first time my mom talked to me about sex. I remember her buying me a book called “Where Do Babies Come From?” before I went to sleep away camp for the first time, the summer after second grade. She was worried that kids would tell me things that were untrue [...]

Pictures with Grandma

My Grandmother is an awesome woman. She accepted my family as it was long before my mother decided to speak to me again. In my eyes, she is a hero, just for that.
Every time we are together (she lives several hours from us) we take more pictures. And when she is the one taking pictures, [...]