It was the first semester of college and I was back home on Winter Break.  My Mom and I were headed to the mall in the car for some shopping.  The traffic was horrible; we were making our way through a series of stoplights in a very slow fashion.

It was this moment, while trapped in the car with nowhere to escape that my Mom decided to hit me with the following:

“So, B, do you enjoy sex?”

I hesitated.  This was clearly a catch-22 question.  If I said yes, would she be pissed off because I was having sex.  If I tried to say I hadn’t had it would she call me on the lie?  I went for the truth.

“It’s…um….it’s fine, Mom.”

“It’s good for you?  No pain or anything?  You know, if its uncomfortable we can go to the doctor and make sure you are okay…there’s things they can do…”

“No!! Nope!  It’s all good.  Great, in fact.”

“Okay, good.”  Pause a beat.  ”So, how long have you been having sex?”

Now I seriously contemplated running from the car down the highway.

“Um, I was fifteen, Mom.”

“WHAT!”  Pause.  ”Oh well.  Okay.  Who was it with?”

“Alan,” I said hoping she’d remember the first boy I dated in high school.

“EWWW!  HIM!!!”

I looked shocked.  ”Yes, Mom.  HIM.  I loved him, you know.  And he was actually very good to me.”

“Well that’s good, then.  And I’m glad you like sex, cuz I REALLY do.  It’s great!”

That was it for me.  ”MOM!”

And we ended the conversation laughing.  Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to have a Mom that was so open with me from the very start about sex.  She really tried to educate me and to not make it a “dirty” thing or a “secret” thing.  I was blessed with a Mom who didn’t want to raise a daughter the way she had been.  As an adult, knowing that she cared enough to have those kinds of conversations with me means a lot.  She truly wants me to be happy in ALL aspects of my life, and that’s still amazing to me to this day.

–Submitted by Miss B.

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