Baby Got Balls

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How big is your bladder?” my dear son asked me one night a few weeks back.

I told him it all depended on how much urine the bladder was holding. “It’s like a balloon. If there’s a lot of fluid in it, it gets big. If there’s not a lot in there, it’s smaller.”

“So, if it’s empty, how big?” he asked.

I made a circle with my thumb and index finger. “About this big most likely. Why?”

He looked at me with all the seriousness an 8-year old can muster. “Well, I have these two things that are like balls down here…” patting his groin.

I had to keep myself from laughing as I moved his hand up just a little higher. “This is where your bladder is. Those ‘balls’ are your testicles, sweetie. And, guess what? Some people do call them balls.”

“They do?”

“Yes, they do.” Mr. Wide Eyes then asked what testicles are for. “Your testicles produce sperm when you get a little older. Sperm is half of what is needed to make a baby.”

I figured I’d offer up a little more information because I knew he’d ask. “How does the sperm get from your testicles to where the baby is made?” Little Dude asked.

“Inside your body are these little tiny tubes that are all coiled up. They go from your testicles, meet up just below your penis, and then there’s just one tube. It takes the sperm from there to the end of your penis. It comes out there.”

LD didn’t believe me. He started to ask another question and stopped. Several times. I asked him if he wanted to know more. He looked at me and frowned. “Is this the part where girls are involved?”


“No, thanks. I’m done for now. I just really wanted to know if these balls were where all my pee is stored.”

“Nope, not there, buddy.”

“Okay, good. I don’t think I want to be playing with these if that’s where the urine is. I didn’t want to squeeze them and end up peeing my pants because of it.”

“Oh, okay.” What else could I say? “Um, just make sure, if you’re going to play with them that you do it at home and not out in public, okay?”

“No way, Mom! I wouldn’t do that. These are mine. I don’t want anyone else to see them.”

Yeah, yeah. He says that now. In a couple of years it’ll be a different story. And I’ll be ready to deal with that when it’s time.

–Submitted by DaGoddess (A warning: most people who come to my site aren’t always looking for this sort of tale, preferring, it seems, transgendered experience, which is okay, but is nowhere near what my son and I discussed. On the other hand, it’s a great way to bring in new readers! Especially those who are sex positive.)

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4 comments to Baby Got Balls

  • We’re all sex-positive ’round these parts. I hope. :)

  • Yes, I got the idea very early on that this would be a sex positive site and I hope that, perhaps even adults with questions will find this a great place to learn a little something about themselves or about each other.

    For those of us with kids, there are a million situations for us to address and I’m really glad you’ve created a site that helps us navigate our way through the more difficult questions our children may have.

    I have a 12 and a 16 year old. Boy and girl, respectively. The questions only become more challenging and I endeavour to be as honest as possible. But even with my nursing background, my openness, and my willingness to talk with them, there are going to be times when I just don’t have the answers. But now, here you are!

    Thank you!

  • Please don’t tell me the questions become more difficult! I fear it! :)

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