Writing Prompts

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Want to share your experience but not quite sure where to start? Check out our archives or consider one of the writing prompts below:

For Everyone:

  • What names did your parents teach you for body parts?
  • How did your parents address privacy, boundaries and respect for the body?
  • At what age did you learn about reproduction? What were your thoughts on the subject?
  • How did your parents share their concepts of sexual morality and ethics with you? Have their teachings been meaningful in your adult life?
  • Was sexuality presented as something pleasurable? Dangerous? Necessary? Sinful? How have these ideas shaped your current sexual life?
  • Were you educated about masturbation? What judgments did your parents show about your teenage sexuality?
  • What information did you learn from peers and then ask your parents to clarify? How did they respond?
  • How did your family’s religious heritage affect their teaching of sexuality information?
  • Did you deal with abuse in your family of origin? How was this handled? How has it shaped your adult sexuality?

Especially for Those Who Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered, Bisexual, Kinky, Poly and/or Queer:

  • What early experiences helped you understand your sexual and gender expression? Were you parents helpful as you dealt with these experiences?
  • How did you come out to your parents and other family members?
  • If you’re not yet out, what would be an ideal way for this to happen? What stops you from complete openness?
  • In what ways has it become your responsibility as an adult to educate family members about your means of sexual expression?
  • What roadblocks did you encounter in sharing your viewpoints with your parents?
  • How do you handle judgment or lack of understanding within your family?
  • Have you broken off any family relationships because of this?
  • How does your sexual and gender expression shape what you teach your children?

Especially for Parents:

  • How have you taught your children to name their body parts?
  • How have you encouraged privacy, boundaries and respect both for your children’s bodies and your own?
  • What mistakes do you feel you’ve made in teaching your children about sexuality? How would you do things differently if you had the opportunity?
  • Are there aspects of your sexuality that you try to keep from your children? Why? Do you foresee this changing as they grow up?
  • How have you spoken to your children about the riskier aspects of sexuality and how to minimize those risks?
  • How have your concerns for your children’s development changed as they have aged?
  • In what ways do your own fears and insecurities influence what you tell your children?
  • Will you teach your children about forms of sexual expression other than your own? How will your family educate a gay child (for example) differently than a straight one?